Poker the Real Deal

Teach yourself the secrets of Face Reading with Lin's exclusive tutorial products.

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Crush your opponents and increase your winrate!

  • Face Reading brings an entirely new dynamic to your people-reading skills.
  • Everything you want to know about your opponent is written on their face.
  • Each facial feature tells you exactly who they are and how they will likely play.
  • People report increasing their winrate by as much as 30% at the poker table.

This is the ONLY product of its kind on the market.

  • Face Reading can add an incredible depth to your game, and to your wallet.
  • Knowing when and who to bluff is pure psychology and the answers are written on your opponents face.
  • See past the well-crafted TELLS and know the truth of your opponents play.
  • Players of all abilities will benefit from Poker the Real Deal.

Remember In poker you are not only playing the cards that are dealt, but your opponent too.

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Here’s what you get for $179

  • A deck of 68 facial features.
  • Presented in 121 full color photos.
  • The complete descriptions of each trait.
  • Cards are color coded for quick reference.
  • Cards are laminated and bound together with an O ring.
  • Included is a velvet carrying pouch.

PLUS Audio Coaching CD: One hour of coaching on applying each of the 68 facial traits.

AND Face Reading For Poker:

  • A book featuring photos and descriptions of 108 facial traits.
  • Provides practice faces for you to read.
  • How to improve your observations skills.
  • How to widen your field of visions.
  • Body language – Poker TELLS.
  • Insights I have learned through the years of observing hours upon hours of poker and thousands of players.


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