Want to Improve Your Poker Winrate?

If you know how your opponents will play it is a lot easier to win. Whether you notice it or not their facial features tell you exactly who they are and how they will likely play.

POKER THE REAL DEAL ….is the ONLY product of its kind on the market.

No other applications exist that applies face reading to reading your poker opponents.

  • Learn to read your poker opponents and master the human element of poker through Western Face Reading.

  • See past the TELLS and know how your opponents play, and understand WHY they play the way they do.

  • Players of all abilities will benefit from Poker the Real Deal.

Here’s exactly what you get for $179.00

Face the Real Deal Cards:

A deck of 68 facial features
Presented in 121 full color photos
The complete descriptions of each trait
Cards are color coded for quick reference
Cards are laminated and bound together with an O ring
Included is a velvet carrying pouch

Audio Coaching CD:
One hour of coaching on apply each of the 68 facial traits  

Face Reading For Poker:

A book featuring photos and descriptions of 108 facial traits
Provides practice faces for you to read
How to improve your observations skills
How to widen your field of visions
Body language – Poker TELLS
Insights I have learned through the years of observing hours upon hours of poker and thousands of players.

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Your winrate depends on your ability to accurately assess your opponents and predict how they will play.