One-on-One Coaching with Face Reading Expert Lin Klaassen

My coaching is ALL about playing the player – the human side of the game of poker and increasing your winrate.

Face Reading vs Body language or TELLS:


  • Body language/ TELLS are about reading the split second micro expressions on the face.
  • A true micro gesture lasts only a fraction of a second, making it difficult to read accurately.
  • You must first create a base line of normal/average for a person and then look for variances.
  • Body Language is easily faked and staged to bluff you into a misconception.


  • The science of "physiognomy" (Face Reading) has been scientifically validated to 92% accuracy.
  • You do not have to first create a baseline, what you see is who they truly are.
  • People cannot change the size, slant or placement of the physical features of their face.
  • A person may lie, but their face cannot. Each facial feature gives you an instantaneous insight into your opponent and how they are likely to plan.
  • Face Reading can be done before they game even starts, leaving time to focus on cards, math and strategy of the game.

The face tells you all about a person and then you can use it to outsmart, outplay them and WIN.

  • The most important features to read when playing poker is the nostrils.
  • The forehead tells you the type of game your opponent will play.
  • The mouth and lips tell you if you need to prepare for a trash talker.
  • Eyebrows tell you a multitude of information that can be read, before they put on their sunglasses.
  • The size of the jaw tells you their level of innate confidence.

The face is made up of 144 muscles and 14 bones and they display the truth of who you are playing and why they play the way they do.


  • Current fee is $150.00 an hour – with a 3 hour minimum.
  • Purchase bulk packages of lessons at a discounted price.
    • $650.00 for 5 hours – pre-paid.
    • $1,200 for 10 hours – pre-paid.

To get the most out of sessions I allow you to record our sessions. This allows you to go over the information again at your leisure, make sure you understood what we covered, and find questions for our next session.

To get the maximum value from our sessions, you will need to study your material on your own, YOU will be the biggest factor in how fast you progress. I can help you learn but I can’t do it for you.

Contact Lin to discuss your goals and get a feel for how Face Reading applies at the poker table.