Face - The Real Deal

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Do you ever wonder why some people don't seem to “get” you?

Have you ever felt you just didn't “connect” with a business prospect?

Are you enjoying lots of first dates, but second dates don't happen?

The answers are literally staring you in the face!

FACE - THE REAL DEAL will allow you to quickly gauge how another person processes information; whether they want details or just the bottom line; if they are a team player or a loner; and even how expressive they will be in a relationship.

With FACE - THE REAL DEAL, you can accurately read a person from forehead to chin with the glance of an eye and the flip of a card.

The deck contains full color photos and complete descriptions of each trait, presented in 80 color-coded laminated cards secured by an O-ring so that you can easily view individual cards without losing track of the rest of the deck.


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