Face Reading Advantages in Diversity

Forty percent of all people entering the workforce today are minorities. Many companies are now comprised of 5 generations working simultaneously in the same building. This offers advantages and also challenges.

Western Face Reading offers a new paradigm and creative solutions to effectively deal with the challenges that multicultural workers can pose including miscommunication, cultural conflict and other differences.

This program provides some of the solutions you need to embrace the advantages of diversity and inclusion including:

  • Overcoming issues of difference.
  • Dismantle perceptions of self and others that are not based in truth.
  • How to discuss differences without fear of offending.
  • Improve skills to resolve workplace differences and conflicts.
  • Dealing with areas of potential cultural misunderstanding.
  • Produce an environment in which all people feel respected and understood.
  • Shift potential communication landmines that halt productivity and cooperation.

Target Audience

Specially designed for companies that employee a diverse workforce or sell to multicultural customers.

Program Format

  • From a 60-minute keynote to 3-day workshop to consulting.
  • Customized to meet the unique needs and goals of your company and your customers.

About the Presenter

Lin Klaassen, is a Face Reading expert with clients spanning 46 countries. She presents programs and in-depth training at national conventions and for fortune 500 companies. Her diversity and inclusion programs are well-known throughout the country for being fact-filled as well as fun.

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