Lin Klaassen

face reading expert · public speaker · educator · coach

Lin Klaassen is an internationally renowned expert in face reading, an ancient science practiced by such visionaries as Aristotle and Da Vinci, that correlates facial features to character traits.

Face reading is a credible calibration that’s enjoyed a long and varied existence as an exact science. Dr. Edward Vincent Jones, a mid-twentieth century U.S. Superior Court Judge, played a pivotal role in modern applications due to his bench expertise.

After observing thousands of people from every spectrum, Judge Jones compiled a list of physical traits correlated to character and behavior. Those findings were researched, refined and scientifically validated to an accuracy of 92 percent in a five-year study by Robert Whiteside and William Burtis during the 1950s. It was included as part of Western Face Reading, and differs from the Asian version due to its consistency and accuracy.

Klaassen studied directly under Whiteside and his son, Daniel. She’s lectured internationally for more than 24 years, presenting workshops and providing answers as a consultant for business, relationships, juries and poker players. With more than 20 years’ prior experience in business management, Klaassen’s unique analytical perspectives render her in demand by the corporate world, particularly Fortune 500 companies. Appearing on broadcast television as well as in numerous print and online publications, she has even further broadened her audience of enthusiastic learners with clients in 46 countries.


Lecture & Seminar Topics
  • Introduction to Face Reading
  • Read Any Good Faces Lately?
  • Face Reading For Business - Sales
  • Signs of Stress Written on the Face
  • Defusing Workplace Tension
  • Un-masking the Job Candidate
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Non Verbal Communication
  • Body Language
  • Acing the Job Interview
  • Building Strategic Relationships
  • Cultural Competency
  • Face Reading for Medical Professionals
  • Understanding Your Patients
  • Unmasking Your Poker Opponent
  • Face Reading for Law Enforcement
  • Face Reading for Authors
  • Body Language for Authors


Corporate Clients

Google | General Motors | The UAW | TEDx Detroit Campbell Ewald | JD Powers and Associates | Merrill Lynch | Royal Caribbean Cruise Line | Ovation & Infinity Yachts | EDS | General Electric | Proctor & Gamble | IAAP | Michigan State University Alumni Conference | Michigan Guardian Associates Conference Allstate Tri State Conference | Women’s Council of Realtors | International Right of Way Conference | Children's Leukemia Foundation | Project Hope | The Haven | Wigs 4 Kids | APCO | SCAN | Soil and Materials Development Inc. | University of Michigan | Wayne State University | Jewish Vocational Services | Skyline Club


Television & Media Appearances

WDIV –Detroit 4 | WXYZ Detroit 7 | | Fox 2 News Detroit | Fox 2 News Virginia | Fox News Sydney Australia | Fox News Melbourne | Fox News Queensland | WWJ Radio | CBS Radio - Gil Deacon Show CBC Canada