The truth of a person is written on their face.
A face can be read like a map to gain a deeper understanding of every person you meet, including yourself. This knowledge is accessible to anyone who has learned to read it.
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Why Face Reading?

The human face is made up of 144 muscles and 14 bones that create the facial features, crevices, lines and indents on a face. They reflect the personal history, mental points of view, personality traits, intimacy needs, work ethic, and individual preferences, of its owner.

Western Face Reading has been scientifically validated to 92% accuracy and allows you to quickly and accurately understand the true nature of a person.


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Face Reading Tools
image Learning to read faces is easy! Lin has read over 3,000 faces and compiled over 20 years of personal success into products designed to teach you how to read faces easily with just a glance.
Face Reading Services
image Lin provides in person Face Reading services and coaching for all kinds of industries. Face Reading can aid anyone who could use an edge in understanding people.

Our genetics are the blueprint of our face when we are first born.

They are influenced by our environment and how we have been nurtured, or not. Additionally how we act, feel, and think, together over time creates the individual facial features, lines, indents and crevices that make up our face and represent our mental, emotional and spiritual habits. The face continually changes as a person goes through life and is always a current visual representation of who they truly are.

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is an ancient method of understanding a person’s character from their facial features. Each facial feature has an equivalent psychological meaning. Therefor your face is a living map of who you are, your preferred way of doing things and where you are headed.

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